The Organization of Rural Associations for Progress increase efficiency with ERPNext.




Telecoms Maintenance Contractor Selects ERPNext For 360°view Of Operations.




South African Textiles Manufacturer Selects ERPNext to Drive Growth

ERPNext has been selected by Standerton Mills (established in 1947),one of South Africa’s leading manufacturer of reinforcement fabrics and yarns for the tyre & rubber industry, household textiles including toweling, industrial yarns and fabrics, fabrics and twines for the agricultural markets and reinforcement fabrics and yarns for civil engineering and construction applications.

Before beginning its search for a new ERP, Standerton Mills knew it needed a cloud based ERP system that would allow its 430 employees to access and interact with the same data across all departments. The manufacturer wanted to ensure that it would be able to measure and monitor the health of its business in real-time and create accurate sales and production forecasts, plus manage the financials in one single, reliable, real time and integrated system...

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United Kingdom Bed Spring Manufacturer rolls out ERPNext at Yorkshire plant

"I can say that ERPNext is actually better than we hoped for (not something I could say with software before) and having a background with larger Corporate systems I am impressed with what it can do with basic setup before getting into any development

If you are looking for a robust cost effective flexible manufacturing capable system on a budget, this must be a contender."

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South African automotive engineer gains real time visibility to business operations with ERPNext

Glenhaven Auto Repairs desperately needed to move away from the manual data entry and legacy system it had been using when it began its search for an ERP system. Job costing and Item traceability were key factors in the automotive engineer’s decision to implement ERPNext.

The automotive engineer required the ability to track product both forward and backward through the supply chain. Without an integrated system, this proved extremely difficult and time-consuming...

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